Encountering The Galaxy

Encountering The Galaxy

By Cristal Vivirito

Soccer brings unexpected thrills. The U-10 Rebels won tickets to see the L.A. Galaxy in Los Angeles for being a winner of this year’s Super Soccer Saturday banner contest.

Team sponsor, Cavaretta’s …

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Local LAPD Officer Injured in I-5 Crash

According to Sergeant Darrell Brooks of the California Highway Patrol, Ft. Tejon station, a Los Angeles Police Department motorcycle officer, Timothy Kay, 42 of Frazier Park, was moderately injured in an early morning crash on ...

State Parks Win Reprieve

On Friday, Sept. 25, the entire California state parks system won a reprieve. The Governor’s office announced "…we have successfully found a way to avoid closing parks this year."

According to State Parks director Ruth ...

‘MAC Attack’ Strikes Former Supporters

Disappointment High over Absence Of Elections from MAC Bylaws

By Patric Hedlund

A former member of the Mountain Communities Town Council who is one of the tentative appointees to a proposed Municipal Advisory Council (MAC), ...

Lutheran Split Moves Forward

By Patric Hedlund

The El Camino Pines Lutheran Church voted on September 27 to select the American Association of Lutheran Churches (AALC) as their next affiliation. They voted on September 20 to leave the ...

Toys for Tots Sign-ups Begin Early

By Anne Weber

The Mountain Communities Family Resource Center (MCFRC) is signing up families for the Toys for Tots program.

The Kern County Marine Reserves, administrator of the program, are requesting forms earlier than normal ...

Happiness is……a Full House

Martin and Rosie Kegel of Frazier Park have single-handedly filled—in fact, overflowed—the Ronald McDonald House collection box on The Mountain Enterprise’s front counter with aluminum poptops.

"That’s about two years’ worth of saving," said Rosie, ...

Hearing on 600 Homes Thursday

Frazier Park Estates (FPE) developer Arciero & Sons, Inc. (from Paso Robles) has proposed to downsize its plans for a 662 home Lebec development to 601 homes. The Kern County Planning Department has suggested 188 ...