300 Kids…2,500 Eggs…53 Seconds

By Gary Meyer

Okay, settle down….

What can be more fun than hundreds of eager children eyeing an ocean of brightly colored eggs with the single goal of gathering mass quantities into baskets in the 50 seconds before they’re gone?

The 11th Annual Easter Egg Hunt and barbecue at Frazier Mountain Park was a smashing success this year—if hundreds of kids and thousands of eggs that disappeared with dizzying speed are fair criteria.

Anticipation builds, then Alice Assaly shouts “Go!” and drops the ribbon, unleashing enough raw energy to power a small city.

After the hunt come the gifts and the barbecue—more toys than 300 kids can carry (5,000 this year), and more hamburgers and hot dogs than they can eat.

Dave and Alice Assaly put on this event each year for the sheer fun of seeing lots of kids—big and small—have a great time.

They pull it off through the generous support of local sponsors and volunteers such as: Jennifer and Austin O’Neill, Madlen and Doug Campbell, Carol Johnson, Debbie and Mark Barrow, Lari Marasa, Dawn LaChance, Mike McLure, Donny Bowen, Linda MacKay, Mary Attwell, Pam Sturdevant, Faye Kadlec, Claudia Mosier, the Easter Bunny, Anna Cavey, Sam’s Liquor, Don’s Liquor, Ace Hardware, and all the donors who give so generously to the Boys & Girls Club Thrift Store.

Volunteer work for next year’s Easter Egg Hunt and Barbecue event starts soon. If you’d like to help out, just call 661-245-2167.

This is part of the April 13, 2012 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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