$3.1 Million In Stimulus Funds to Frazier Park?

On Tuesday, Aug. 25, Frazier Park residents will meet to learn about federal stimulus money set aside to upgrade the town’s water system.

By Joyce St. Claire

The Frazier Park Public Utility District (FPPUD) announced August 11 that it had approval for a $1 million grant and a $2.1 million loan from the USDA Rural Development’s Water and Waste Disposal Program. “This is a tremendous opportunity for our community,” said FPPUD Manager Greg Keenberg in an interview August 16. “We really want our water customers to know about this and understand what a great thing it is for the district. It is a $1 million grant and a $2.1 million loan at just over 2.6 percent interest payable over 40 years. This is federal stimulus money. The money has been set aside for us.

“Dave Warner of Self Help Enterprises [a community development program assisting communities in seeking funding and technical assistance for developing water and wastewater systems] has helped us through this process. He is crunching the numbers. The rates will go up a little, so there will be a vote about that.”

Keenberg said Warner will make a presentation at a public meeting Tuesday, Aug. 25 at 7 p.m. [4020 Park Drive, Frazier Park] “to explain the big picture. A show of community support will be necessary to receive the grant,” Keenberg added.

Funding for Phase II of the Water System Improvement Project was accomplished by the board after two years of inspection and consultation with engineers, completing reams of bureaucratic reports, and working closely with Warner. The new funds will replace three failing tanks, pipe lines, valves, hydrants and the fraying patchwork of repaired lines. The entire system is comprised of twelve tanks; two were replaced during Phase I of the Project and the balance will be replaced over a period of years with additional grants.

The next step is to inform the Frazier Park homeowners of the terms of the $2.1 million loan. In order to receive the loan, a majority of homeowners must approve a small raise to their monthly base fee at a future election. The Board of Directors’ regular meeting at 6 p.m. on September 8 will provide another opportunity for homeowners to learn more about the Project.

—additional reporting by P. Hedlund

This is part of the August 21, 2009 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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