When ‘Back to School’ Means ‘Snuggle Up In Your Pajamas’

Public school resumes this week. We asked one student what it is like

When ‘Back to School’ Means ‘Snuggle Up In Your Pajamas’

By Charlotte Van Houten, 10

Every August, when I start to see the school buses, I’m very grateful I’m a homeschooler. I wake up when I’m ready and can do my schoolwork in pajamas if I want! Now that’s what I call freedom.

I have lots of friends who homeschool and we play a lot and take fun classes. Even though we homeschool all year round, I don’t really mind because I get a break whenever I need one and still stay ahead in my lessons. I’m so glad my mom cares so much about me and my education that she takes the time to homeschool me.

—Charlotte lives in Lake of the Woods. She plays tuba in the Community Band and performs with the Mountain Shakespeare Festival.

This is part of the August 21, 2009 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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