Court Notes — Eviction sustained

Eviction proceedings initiated by Frazier Park property owner Wesley Searcy on April 1, 2014 against Gunnar J. Kuepper, operator of GBU Mountain News, concluded in superior court in Taft on May 22 as Judge Craig Phillips decided in favor of Searcy with a judgment of $4,937 including attorney’s fees and court costs after it was determined that Kuepper had not paid his rent at a Manita Trail residence in Frazier Park for six months.

An eviction restoration notice was posted at the residence on June 27 after Kuepper was required to vacate the premises.

Kuepper was the subject of a previous eviction proceeding in Santa Monica when plaintiff Moss Management Services filed against him in December 2010 for Unlawful Detainer. Court records show that Moss Management was awarded a judgment against Kuepper of $3,612 for unpaid rent, attorney’s fees and court costs. Notices sent to Kuepper regarding the judgment were returned to the court marked “Not known/Unable to forward.” Possession of the property was restored to Moss Management in June of 2011.

This is part of the August 1, 2014 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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