Dog Park Celebration in Pine Mountain Saturday, Nov. 14

Please join the Dog Park Club to celebrate the completion of PMCPOA’s Dog Park this Saturday, November 14, 2009, noon until 2 PM. The dog park is located at the top of Arctic drive at the western end of the RV campground.

This is an opportunity to celebrate the hard work done by Gerry Chic, our construction supervisor, and John Sioussat. Many other people have worked hard to make the dog park happen. Please bring your dog, if your dog likes a good time with other dogs. There will be treats for dogs and people.

The purpose of this gathering is for potential members to have a look at this new amenity in our community and sign up by paying their $40 yearly fee for charter membership in the Dog Park Club. The Dog Park Club will be there to answer questions. After the Dog Park opens, the first year’s membership will be $50. After a year in operation, we will have a history of operational costs and expect to reduce the yearly fee to $25. The year will begin when the dog park officially opens.

And when will the dog park open? We are setting a tentative date for December 12th. Who knows what the weather will be. Of course, we recognize that December is a lousy time to open.

The dogs won’t care.

Mar Preston
The Dog Park Club

This is part of the November 06, 2009 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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