Good News to Road Grumps

By Gary Meyer and P. Hedlund

Repairs of both roads and cars are moving forward this month, as Kern County began a patch test of a new sealant on Frazier Mountain Park Road to remedy the problems that have resulted in hundreds of cracked windshields here. Meanwhile, mountain residents are finally reporting efficient service from the county in fixing damaged vehicles.

The problems started with a “chip and seal” road repair of Frazier Mountain Park Road through Cuddy Valley in October 2011. The aggregate applied to the asphalt surface did not adhere, becoming flying shrapnel cracking windows as wheels sent pebbles flying. For several months the county tried to deny what had happened. Now that has changed.

Art and Shirley Cole’s cars were damaged by flying rocks in February. The Pine Mountain couple are happy with the service they received from Kern County to provide repairs.

“I didn’t think they were going to fix them. So I was very surprised,” Shirley Cole said. Their Subaru windshield was cracked while driving just east of the Mil Potrero ‘Y’ on Cuddy Valley Road. It was so badly damaged it could not be repaired. Their Toyota was damaged on Frazier Mountain Park Road, near the park. Both vehicles were fixed by the repairman who came to their home to perform the work, including replacement of their entire Subaru windshield.

Claim forms are available online at: or at The Mountain Enterprise office in Frazier Park. Grapevine Real Estate on Lockwood Valley Road also has forms.

Claims must be filed within six months after the accident that caused the damage.

This is part of the June 22, 2012 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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