Supervisor-in-Waiting David Couch Says He’s Getting Prepared

David Couch won the election for District Four Kern County Supervisor on June 5, but he doesn’t take office until January 7, 2013. That doesn’t mean he won’t be working in the meantime: “I’m trying to get out to all the communities in the Fourth District in the next few weeks,” Couch wrote last week.

Will he fulfill his promise to install an elected Mountain Communities Municipal Advisory Council (MCMAC)?

“That wasn’t just empty campaign rhetoric,” he said. Couch said he wants input from the community about how to structure representation (by geographic area or “at large”). “I need to talk with County Counsel about those questions and current law governing MACs. But it’s on my list to get sorted out prior to January 7. I really meant it when I said I wanted to hit the ground running.”

—by Patric Hedlund

This is part of the June 22, 2012 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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