Injuries Don’t Stop Falcons From Showing Great Spirit

  • Kevin Enciso throws his body in front of a Strathmore runner while Ben Grajeda comes from behind.

    Kevin Enciso throws his body in front of a Strathmore runner while Ben Grajeda comes from behind.

Falcon Pride Takes Wing

 By Tony Levesque, Mountain Enterprise intern

On Fri, Oct. 7, the Falcons played against the Strathmore Spartans. They scored a touchdown when Patrick Moulder took the ball into the end zone from a 10-yard pass thrown by Isaac Shillig during the second quarter.

“The JV team did not play because of a lack of players…. The number of players injured on both JV and varsity was tremendous. On top of that some players didn’t have the grades to play in this week’s game,” said Coach Bill Shillig. “This resulted in the cancellation of the JV game in Strathmore.”

Two serious injuries are Forrest Pohl suffering a knee injury and Marquis Hunt with a fractured collarbone. They are both seniors on the varsity team and it is unlikely that they will return to play during this season.

The Falcons have added five new players to the varsity team. Riley Daniels and Chris Long both moved up from the JV team. Robert Schornsten played his first game two weeks ago against Grace Brethren. Jeff Martinez and Ethan Wiley played their first game last week against Strathmore.

“We have a lot of guys on the team showing a lot of individual effort who had great hits. For us to win we need to come together as a team and fight like a small army would fight,” said Tyler Ryan, a linebacker and defensive lineman.

“Our players were beat up and injured fighting and never got to come out[onto the field]. We are dealing with our injuries and getting healthy so we can look forward to league,” Ryan said.

The Falcons lost with a score of 57-6.

“This season we played some pretty well-rounded teams. They have given us a great amount of competition, but it has been nothing we couldn’t hang and deal with. I think we can and will do great in league and I am excited for it,” said Kyle Hudson, varsity running back and offensive lineman.

The first High Desert League game, which is expected to be more evenly matched, is against the Desert Scorpions of Edwards Air Force Base, this Friday, Oct. 14.


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A cut to the head didn’t stop offensive lineman and defensive end Jordan Garcia’s cheers for his teammates.

Right, Jenna Graves keeps the players hydrated during a time-out.

This is part of the October 14, 2011 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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