Students Endanger Cheerleaders

By Joseph Chavez, TeenBeat

On Friday, Sept. 30 during the Frazier Mountain High School football game, a laser pointer was shined by students in the stands into the eyes of varsity cheerleaders preparing for a catch during a “flying” stunt.

Cheerleader Liz Brown said, "It was really rude, immature and dangerous…shining lasers in cheerleaders’ eyes while we are holding another person." Jamie Willoughby said, “I was afraid for not only my safety, but my flyers’ safety as well. They put us in an incredibly dangerous situation.” Daniel Hungerford said, “If I had dropped my flyer, she would have broken her neck.”

FMHS Principal Anthony Saba said "disciplinary action has been taken" to hold those responsible accountable.

This is part of the October 14, 2011 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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