Man Dies After Being Tasered in Frazier Park

  • Kern County Sheriff's investigators at the motel where the Taser incident occurred Tuesday, Feb. 19.

    Kern County Sheriff's investigators at the motel where the Taser incident occurred Tuesday, Feb. 19.


Garrett Farn, who had been Tasered by Kern County Sheriff’s Deputies after roaming nude outside a Frazier Park motel in cold weather (see report below), has died in custody at Kern Medical Center.

On February 20, 2008 at 1:02 p.m., Garrett Sean Farn died while hospitalized at Kern Medical Center. According to the Sheriff’s Department report, Mr. Farn was taken to Kern Medical Center on February 19, 2008 after being taken into custody by a Frazier Park Sheriff’s Deputy. An autopsy was performed on February 21, 2008 and the cause of Mr. Farn’s death is pending medical and toxicology testing. The preliminary autopsy findings do not indicate that trauma, including the use of an electronic control device, contributed in any significant way to his death. Evaluation of laboratory tests completed at the hospital, toxicology of both hospital and autopsy samples, and a review of the medical records needs to be completed before a final cause of death can be determined.

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Kern County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to Koko’s Motel in Frazier Park, Tuesday, Feb. 19 for a peace disturbance when a nude man was reported to be knocking on doors at the motel in cold weather.

According to the report, the man was knocking on motel doors and attempting forced entry into occupied motel rooms. When the deputy arrived, he contacted 41 year old Garrett Farn, who was displaying bizarre and aggressive behavior.  Farn refused to comply with the deputy’s orders and resisted arrest. The deputy deployed his Taser in order take him into custody.  The deputy handcuffed Farn and placed him in the back of his patrol car. Farn continued to resist, kicking out the patrol car’s window.  The deputy transported Farn to Kern Medical Center for examination
prior to being booked into the Jail for resisting arrest.

The report said that when Farn arrived at KMC at 9:49 p.m., he stopped his bizarre and combative behavior and walked in to the hospital. Once Farn entered the hospital he again became combative and had to be restrained by several medical staff and deputies. "A hold was placed," requiring medical staff to notify the Sheriff’s office when Farn was medically clear for booking into the Jail. At 4:41 am, the next morning, Kern Medical Center notified the Sheriff’s office that Farn’s condition deteriorated and that he was in critical condition. Sheriff’s Detectives were called out and they are currently investigating the incident. Further details will be released as the investigation continues.

According to Lilian Carboyan, owner and manager of the motel, Farn checked into the motel and had been an occupant of Room 5 since February 9.  Mr. Farn registered using an address on Summit Drive in Frazier Park.

Mrs. Carboyan told The Mountain Enterprise that Farn’s mother had called from Florida to speak with her son, apparently unaware of what had happened the night before and was told that her son was in the hospital and had destroyed the motel room.

The room appeared to have been vandalized. Mrs. Carboyan said the Sheriff’s deputies did not mess up the room and that Mr. Farn had broken the microwave oven and the air conditioner, as well as a rain gutter spout and a glass lamp outside.  She estimated the damage at approximately $1,380.

Two pages of writing from a yellow-pad, left on the bed read, in part, “No evil of the Devil’s simple human need, Ain’t no mystic tragic fatal forces to be found. Ain’t no fiery torches w/ souls screamin w/out sound. Hell fire’s endevor from now ’till forever’s borne right there w/in us to feed. But send my angel’s—was my prayer to magic peace. Yeah—just bowed my head ‘n said Lord, it’s me once again… Can you send my angels. Yeah Lord, send my angels—cuz I’m all out of love—’n hate could just become. I need a sign to rise above ‘n make it through—not just tonight, but the rest of my life, so I could do the things I need to do…“

Visible in the room were a wooden box with an inlaid marijuana leaf design on its top and cigarette rolling papers.  Small green leafy particles were visible around the inside edges of the wooden box. Also in the room were numerous packages of over-the-counter pain relief medicines.

Mrs. Carboyan said that a Fender guitar and a guitar amplifier had been locked up for safe keeping until Farn’s parents arrive from Florida.

Farn’s white Mercedes car was still in the driveway.

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