Northwest Frazier Park Water System Down


Failure to Follow This Advisory Could Result in Stomach or Intestinal Illness

UPDATE: At approximately 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 14, water service was restored to the northwest area of Frazier Park. Residents are advised to continue boiling their water until the health department completes inspections and approves the water for drinking, which is expected to occur by Thursday, Jan. 18.  Bottled water is available at Kern County Fire Station 57 on Mt. Pinos Way, Sunday evening and beginning Monday morning at Frazier Mountain Park from the Red Cross.


On Jan 13, 2007 the Frazier Park Public Utility District lost water pressure to a portion of the distribution system due to EXTREME TEMPERATURE CONDITIONS causing a valve to freeze leaving the Magee Tank above Walnut Trail without water.  A pump also burned out as a result of the frozen valve, but was not a cause of lost water supply to the Magee tank. FPPUD expects to restore the water service by sometime on Sunday 1/14/07 or Monday 1/15/07, according to a press release issued to The Mountain Enterprise on Sunday morning, January 14. 

At noon on Sunday, Jan. 14, FPPUD General Manager Greg Keenberg told The Mountain Enterprise he believed service might be restored Sunday afternoon.

Loss of pressure and water outage for an extended period of time may have caused possible contamination of the water supply by potentially harmful microorganisms.  Following completion of the work on the water system, FPPUD says it will disinfect and flush the distribution system and will be collecting bacteriological quality samples to verify the bacteriological quality of the water being served.  The California Department of Health Services in conjunction with the Frazier Park Public Utility District are advising the customers served by the FPPUD Water System, in the areas listed below, to boil their tap water or use bottled water for drinking and cooking purposes as a safety precaution.

The following trails, or portions of: North End, Spruce, Maple, Willow, Poplar, Locust, Hale, Birch, Ivy, Ash, Gilpin, High, Race, The Kern Co. Fire Station, Alcot, Vine, Decator, Irvon, Grant, Walnut, Elm, and Mt. Pinos Way (western end only).

To assure that the water is safe to drink, all tap water used for drinking or cooking should be boiled rapidly for at least 1 minute. 

Residents will be notified when it is no longer necessary to boil your drinking water. Check for updates.

Upon return of water service, if water looks cloudy or dirty, residents are advised to flush the line until the water appears clear and the water quality returns to normal.  FPPUD says residents should not be alarmed if they experience higher than normal chlorine concentrations in the water since increased chlorine residuals are used to disinfect the lines after leaks and/or water outages occur.

For more information call:

Please call the Frazier Park P.U.D. at 245-3734 or the California Department of Health Services (661) 335-7315.


Red Cross Center Set Up at High School

The Red Cross is set up at the high school to provide water and shelter. If you cannot get out, you may have water delivered by the Red Cross. They can make arrangements to deliver water to your home. Call 661-809-4043 if you need water delivered to your home.

This is part of the January 12, 2007 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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