Renaissance Faire

  • Nadine Johnson leads Flower, ridden by Morgan Bedard of Frazier Park.

    Nadine Johnson leads Flower, ridden by Morgan Bedard of Frazier Park.

Tickles the Funny Bone

By Gary Meyer

Frazier Park’s first Renaissance Faire was well-organized Saturday, May 29 with staff and vendors in character as loud, bawdy and fun-loving mischief makers.

What could be better than strolling through the beauty of Tait Ranch, munching a banger (sausage) sandwich in one hand and sipping a Guinness Stout in the other?

The answer is: doing that while seeing a nine-year-old learn archery, listening to minstrels sing of their exploits in faraway lands and hearing the outlandish tales of the sixteenth century’s Hugh O’Neill clan as they train for battle against the English hordes.

Don’t miss it this weekend, June 5 and 6, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Tait Ranch, just a half mile east of the Frazier Park Post Office.

Hip Hip Huzzah!

 “Hip Hip Huzzah!” proclaims Mindy Moffatt of Pine Mountain. “Frazier Mountain Renaissance Faire is delightful.”

The talented actress and school teacher commutes to Ventura daily. She says she has been attending Renaissance Faires for 28 years.

“I was charmed by my visit to our own endearing first-year faire. Magnificent ancient oak trees shade the Tait Ranch setting—rivaling any other site where small faires are held in California. Participants are energetic and welcoming to all who visit this village of ‘Wiltonshire.’

“With the talents of the Mountain Shakespeare Festival players, local musicians and storytellers, visitors relive life in Renaissance England. In addition to local artisans selling wares, we also are fortunate to have merchants like Heart’s Delight costumers, plus food from The Quail Inn which are favorites at larger faires,” Moffatt enthused.

If you missed the first weekend, there will be another chance to enjoy the sights, sounds, magic, ale and munchables. The Frazier Mountain Renaissance Faire will be open for visits from Lords and Ladies again on June 5-6 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

“All of the organizers, sponsors and participants are to be commended for this first effort in what I hope will become another exemplary annual Mountain Community event,” Moffatt said.

—By Patric Hedlund

This is part of the June 04, 2010 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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