Update on Station 58 building plans

Last week we reported about the 39-year promise to build a fire station No. 58 for the Pine Mountain community on land donated to the county

We sent these questions to Fire Chief Brian Marshall and received these answers from Geoffrey Hill, Kern County Construction Services Division Director.

Q: At what level did the bids come in for Pine Mountain Club Fire Station No. 58 last year?

A: The lowest bid was submitted by Black/Hall. It was for $5,366,117.

Q: Wasn’t the Rosedale Highway fire station virtually the same design? What did it cost to build?

A: No. Greenacres Fire Station No. 65 included ten (10) bedrooms and one (1) Battalion Chief Office including a bedroom and bathroom. The Pine Mountain Club Station 58 will have 5 bedrooms. The Greenacres station cost $4,575,406.06.

Q: What will be the principal changes on the Pine Mountain Station 58 design?

A: It will have one less bay and the Apparatus Bay will have overhead roll up doors in lieu of four fold doors. Interior architectural value engineering (sofitt and framing details and configuration); reduction in patio amenities; also, some site service areas will have AC paving in lieu of concrete. Value engineered the site components (landscaping simplification, decorative components reduction) and exterior facade.

Q: When will it go back out to bid?

A: Early March 2013

Q: When will building begin?

A: Mid-May 2013

[report by Patric Hedlund]

This is part of the February 22, 2013 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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