V-Day Campaign 2010 Uses Humor, Truth to Tackle Domestic Violence

The V-Day Campaign 2010 has been launched. This campaign against domestic violence is inspired by a strong need. The weapons of humor, truth and troubling facts are used in The Vagina Monologues, an international theatrical phenomenon which is coming to our mountain this week. Here are the times and dates, following some troubling facts to mobilize you to come to the performances, and then become part of the solution.

Compiled by Sister Moutique

Did you know: That 70 percent of intimate homicide victims are female? That 37 percent of women injured by violence, were hurt by an intimate? That 1,000 women every year are killed by their husbands, that’s four each day.

Did you know: That 80 percent of sexual assault survivors knew their assailant by sight? That 28 percent of high school and college students experience dating violence? That 26 percent of pregnant teens reported being physically abused by their boyfriends, about half of them said the battering began or intensified after he learned of her pregnancy.

Did you know: That during the six months following an episode of domestic violence, 32 percent of battered women are victimized again? That 47 percent of men who beat their wives do so at least three times a year? That 40-60 percent of men who abuse women also abuse children? At least half, and as many as 70 percent, of all battered women have been sexually assaulted by their partners.

V-Day Performances

Thursday, March 25 Opening Night Benefit V-Day 2010 Readings
7 p.m. at Madd Baileys Pub, 16200 Mil Potrero Highway, Pine Mountain Village

Friday, March 26 Benefit Show
The Vagina Monologues
7 p.m. at Work of Heart Gallery, 3020 Johnson Rd. (behind Coffee Cantina) Frazier Park

Saturday, March 27 Benefit Matinee and Show
The Vagina Monologues
2 and 7 p.m. at Work of Heart Gallery, 3020 Johnson Rd. (behind Coffee Cantina) Frazier Park

Tickets $10
Reservations suggested, call 245-3166
Group Tickets Available

This is part of the March 26, 2010 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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