14 charges dropped against Gilbert Tarr

  • [Photo by Gary Meyer]

    [Photo by Gary Meyer]

By Gary Meyer, TME

Daniel Gilbert Tarr always maintained that he was innocent of the criminal charges being stacked up against him.

He and his neighbor, Davin Cano, have been in a dispute since 2018 over a tractor that Tarr parked in a roadway easement. Cano took the tractor and placed it on his parents’ property. Tarr reported it as a theft and the two men have been exchanging legal accusations ever since.

Cano was frequently able to get Kern County deputies to take reports against Tarr on various incidents, some of which appear to have been unfounded.

An assault with a deadly weapon …(please see below to view full stories and photographs)

Photo captions:

A 2018 letter to Bruce and Ines Fuller, ordering them to remove the obstruction at the bottom of Ridge Route Drive.

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