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  • [Pastel by Jill Hackett]

    [Pastel by Jill Hackett]

By Marcy Axness, TME

If you’ve been suffering coronavirus cabin fever, the new show that opens at Artworks Community Gallery Saturday, Sept. 5, may bring you some welcome relief.

The works featured by photographer Mel Weinstein and artist Jill Hackett can transport you to other places in the world and bring you into intimate connection with new people and creatures.

Mel Weinstein

Fortunate Facebook followers of photographer Mel Weinstein have been treated these past several corona-quarantine months to a virtual travelogue of Weinstein’s stunning shots of some of those bucket-list places we would all love to visit. From a charming shop on a cobblestone street in Paris to Yosemite, Yellowstone or a solitary barn in a Kansas field, Weinstein’s photographs will transport you to somewhere besides the oh-too-familiar view of the inside of your living room.

Jill Hackett

Artist Jill Hackett’s pieces in the show offer a different kind of departure, inviting viewers …(please see below to view full stories and photographs)

Photo captions:

Mel Weinstein’s photograph of a lobster restaurant on a Maine pier.

Jill Hackett’s ‘Water Wings’ pastel won her a Best in Show at a gallery exhibit in San Gabriel, which featured 50 other works.

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