Congratulations to the Frazier Mountain High School CLASS OF 2021

  • [photo by Patric Hedlund, The Mountain Enterprise]

    [photo by Patric Hedlund, The Mountain Enterprise]

A message to the graduates:

It has been one wild ride this year, BUT YOU MADE IT!

I am so happy and thankful to have been able to play such a role in helping us all work together to make it through this year—make it through all the challenges you have had to face. Classes online, in-person, from home, from school and any combination of the above. I want to thank every one of you for being willing to take on the challenges of this year and persevere.

This pandemic is an experience that very few generations have ever gone through, and definitely a first of its kind.

These types of experiences will forever shape who you are and who you become. Allow it to help you become the great individuals that you all are. It was not a traditional year, but was certainly a year that none of us will ever forget.

I wish you all the very best in everything you choose to do!

— Ms. Haflich

Where are they bound?

The graduation of the Class of 2021 marks the 26th anniversary of Frazier Mountain High School. Over all those years, graduates have…(please see below to view full stories and photographs)

Photo captions:

Sara Haflich, FMHS principal / El Tejon Unified School District superintendent

Above: Many FMHS athletes whose sports were shut down due to covid joined the FMHS 2020-2021 cross country team. Seniors Christopher Burket-Thoene, Elisha DeLeo, Hunter Hawley, Elizabeth Burket-Thoene, Daniela del Real, Andrea Calderon, Madison Glover, Stori Haflich, Emily Hon, Sarah Hon and Kelsy Zuniga were able to have a rewarding senior year of athletics. Girls’ team captain Madison Glover was proud of how athletes from other sports found ‘new ways to run the race against covid.’

Leonardo Ayala
Jenifer Becerril-Hernandez
Kirrah Bradley
Christopher Burket-Thoene
Elizabeth Burket-Thoene
Michael Castro
Sunnie Castro
Olivia Chester
Wesley Cox
Dangelo Cruz Briones
Ariel Alom Cuevas Mendez
Elisha DeLeo
Daniela del Real
Asher Ellis
Tierney Farr
Isabel Fragoso
Madison Glover
Kristen Graham
Araceli Guzman
Stori Haflich
Gwendolyn Hansen-Smith
Hunter Hawley
Jazmine Hernandez
Patrick Hirst
Emily Hon
Sarah Hon
Michelle Hunter
Caden Hutchinson
Cassandra Larmon
Kalie Lopez
Manuel Lopez
Christian Martinez
Manuel Martinez
Mattaniah Matte
Anthony Mellon
Rosa Meza-Garcia
Brandon Molina
Betsavel Olvera
Carlos Orellana
Arthur Quintero
Elijah Renfeldt
Alexandra Saenz
Julieta Silva Morones
Ivan Stawski
Jason Stawski
Jacob Steers
Nathaniel Stevens
Annabella Tapia
Gabriella Tapia
Sadie Thomason
Cedric Turner
Roxanne Walker
Justin Wiese
Henry Zimmerman
Kelsy Zuniga

Frazier Mountain High School Class of 2021 graduates not pictured are:
Andrea Calderon
Catherine Castillo
Phillip Cowan
Krystal Eugenio
Garry Loa
Jason Martinez
Chris Ramos
Phoenix Reed

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