Could Fire Safe Council Help Roll Back Insurance Rate Hikes & Cancellations?

Fire safety has now taken on added urgency because homeowners in Lebec, Frazier Park, Lake of the Woods, Cuddy Valley, Piñon Pines and Pine Mountain Club have received nonrenewal notices or price hikes from home fire insurance companies.

The Mountain Enterprise began researching last year what appeared to be a potential crisis in fire insurance coverage across California. This affects the ability to finance homes. • We reported that California Department of Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara helped to negotiate legislation to place a moratorium on fire insurance cancellations.

Companies were forbidden to drop customers in areas that had experienced recent fire events. But our Mountain Community zip codes were not on the list of protected communities.

• “I’m hoping the February 23 meeting at Chuchupate will kick off a robust Fire Safe Chapter to add to our our Kern Council, so people in the community will see what is in it for them,” Peggy Hoyt-Voelker said. “If we can get a Fire Safe or Fire Wise Community designation through comprehensive community home-hardening and vegetation management, I hope that will have an impact on insurance companies, so people will not have policies cancelled.”

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This is part of the February 21, 2020 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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