Deep Dives into the Archives: Are We Sitting On A Gold Mine? Legends of the Lost Padres Mine, Part Four

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    [The Mountain Enterprise archive image]

Curated by Kaylin Paschall, TME

The locations of gold discoveries in our local mountains are not settled history. Among many legends, none may hold as much allure as that of the lucrative Lost Padres Mine.

We resume the hunt from last week with Part Four of “Deep Dives Into The Archives: Are We Sitting On A Gold Mine?”, a ten-part series in which we republish the legend as told by Joyce Campbell, historian and regular columnist for The Mountain Enterprise during the 1960s and 70s.

By Joyce Campbell

“On his tenth and last trip to the mine the ‘white padre’ took not only the Emigdiano Chief but his son, Tecuya, as well.

“Three days ride from the Yokut-Emigidano village on Tejon Creek they came to a spring where they camped. (Tecuya recalled that the padre and his father had previously ‘improved’ the spring, making a…(please see below to view full stories and photographs)

Photo captions:

The Orderlies’ Quarters, pictured above, is where the first unlucky prospector could have stumbled upon the vaqueros working in and around the Fort Tejon area for Sam Bishop and Edward Fitzgerald Beale.

The map above was given to Bonnie Ketterl Kane, historian and author of the series “A View From The Ridge Route”, which can be purchased at the Ridge Route Museum in Frazier Park.

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