Deep Dives into the Archives: Lost and Found at Mark’s Cove

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    [The Mountain Enterprise Archive image]

By Kaylin Paschall, TME

Some of the reports we’ve read while browsing old archived editions of The Mountain Enterprise have been surprising. One eyebrow raising story comes from Don Edwards, the bartender of what was once called Mark’s Cove.

Bonnie Ketterl Kane, local historian and author of many historical collections regarding tales of our mountain communities, was asked if Ridge Route Communities Museum and Historical Society had any information on Mark’s Cove.

She told us that Mark’s Cove, or “Mark’s” as it was referred to, was a steak house and lounge that used to be located in Lebec, where China Red House Chinese Restaurant is today.

‘You can even still see part of the old sign…(please see below to view full stories and photographs)

Photo captions:

An ad that ran in 1971 for Mark’s Cove shows all-you-can-eat dinners for only $1.85, or roughly $8 in today’s rates.

Other ads we’ve found in the archives for Mark’s Cove included fun little one-liners meant to entertain readers. However, Mr. Linsey’s nightmare probably did come true, when he lost $146,000 in today’s rates after forgetting his shaving bag in the bathroom at Mark’s.

Today’s China Red House Chinese Restaurant building in Lebec once housed Mark’s Cove, a steak house and lounge in operation during the 1960’s and 70’s, then a pizza parlor. The remnants of Mark’s old metal sign can still be seen peeking out from behind the old pizza sign.

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