Did someone say Groundhog Day? — Some Good Ideas Culled from the Angry Mob

  • [Ridge Route Museum and Mountain Enterprise staff photos]

    [Ridge Route Museum and Mountain Enterprise staff photos]

By Michelle Maga, Cuddy Valley, neighbor to Snow Bunny Hill

Social media lit up like an L.A. billboard and commentary flew back and forth like an out of control toboggan as the Mountain Communities were overwhelmed once again by families flocking to play in what was left of the snow last weekend.

Some of the public’s commentary was so caustic it sounded as if they’d willingly join a snow bunny lynch mob.

We hear the same outrage over and over, year after year, as soon as…(please see below to view full stories and photographs)

Photo captions:

It has been going on for 80 years: outrage at snow visitors…Social Media is a new twist.

On Monday, Marina turned 7 years old. This year her birthday fell on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Her family brought her up to the mountaintop to celebrate.

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