Motorists rescued in blizzard — Stranded on icy ‘S curves’

  • [photo by Larry Handy, PMC]

    [photo by Larry Handy, PMC]

By Patric Hedlund, TME

Ten stranded motorists, children and a dog were stuck on the Mil Potrero “S curves” on the east side of Pine Mountain Club on Sunday, Nov. 8.

A frigid weekend storm with gusty winds blew in six inches of snow to the region. Ambient temperatures dipped to 16°—a life-threatening situation.

CERT and CHP Team Up

Nick Novosel is a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteer and officer in the PMC Amateur Radio Club. He said California Highway Patrol (CHP) worked with CERT-trained volunteers, Ian Sawrey, Jim McInterney, John Barrios and Novosel, who used their CERT radio system and 4WD vehicles to rescue the…(please see below to view full stories and photographs)

Photo captions:

This photo, shot through a snow storm, shows cars stuck on Mil Potrero Highway. Ten people and a dog were rescued by CERT volunteers and CHP.

Stranded vehicles blocked Mil Potrero Highway on the ‘S curves’ between San Moritz and Tirol Drive on the eastern end of Pine Mountain Club Sunday afternoon, Nov. 8. Snarls on the S curves continued to occur over the following two days, especially when new residents and visitors lacking experience driving in snow did not have properly equipped vehicles.

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