Part 3: Mystery of intruder solved

  • [photo from Travis McCuen's surveillance system]

    [photo from Travis McCuen's surveillance system]

By Patric Hedlund, TME

Part Two told what happened after a mysterious stranger was caught on surveillance footage approaching the locked front door at the Cuddy Valley home of Travis McCuen on March 28, including the report McCuen filed and a visit from a Deputy Ortega, who asked alarming questions.

Community concern about a possible burglar trying doors in the area and frustration of 12 unreturned messages to Deputy Ortega—who we learned was a Los Angeles County rather than a Kern County deputy—added to the mystery. We wanted to ask what was behind his comments.

Travis McCuen posted several images from his security camera to Facebook the day following the incident. Comments followed about the position of the man’s right hand looking like that of a “disciplined trigger finger” on a firearm.

One of McCuen’s friends recognized the black Prius. He told McCuen it belonged to a man renting a shop on the property where…(please see below to view full stories and photographs)

Photo captions:

Images from Travis McCuen’s security camera clearly show the black Toyota Prius the mystery visitor drove up in that March 28 morning.

Some thought Sarkissian’s hand position suggested a firearm.

McCuen’s friend recognized the mysterious black Prius

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