Saturday School this weekend for ETUSD students

Fun for students—
Funding for schools

This week’s Saturday School happens rarely,
but it is a very important opportunity to grab.
The December 14, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. half-day
session helps the El Tejon Unified School
District earn back some of the funds it has
already lost this year due to student absences.

For students, it is a chance to take interesting enrichment classes in subjects they might not otherwise get to sample. It is a win-win. And for parents hoping to score some kid-free holiday shopping, it is an extra win!
All students enrolled in ETUSD are welcome, whether or not they have had absences. Teachers have put together a menu of enjoyable and creative events to choose from.

Students in 5th through 12th grades have Saturday School at Frazier Mountain High School. They can choose from Peer Helping, Ag, Spanish, Art, Math Activities and Chess.

Frazier Park School will hold Saturday School for students in K–4th grades. Past classes have included fun fare such as Paper Airplanes and Computer Tech.

There is even bus transportation.
–Marcy Axness, TME

Saturday School Bus Schedule  2019-2020

This is part of the December 6, 2019 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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