Statewide award won by Ridge Route Museum historian

  • [photos by Gary Meyer, The Mountain enterprise]

    [photos by Gary Meyer, The Mountain enterprise]

Wait…whose underwear is that?

By Patric Hedlund, TME

Okay, so there she is, standing in the middle of a gathering of business people, holding up someone else’s underwear….

She is laughing and wondering out loud if she could fit into the corset and garters of a pioneer wife who lived here 150 years ago. This little moment is a clue to the imagination of a woman who has contributed so much, so diligently, to enrich the life of the Frazier Mountain Communities.

Bonnie Ketterl Kane is the historian and co-founder of…(please see below to view full stories and photographs)

Photo captions:

Bonnie Kane, historian for the Ridge Route Communities Museum, has just won a prestigious statewide award

Bonnie Kane in the 1970s, standing at a high point above the northern base of the Grapevine. Interstate 5 is in the background below her.

Bonnie Kane today is a fountain of facts and fun about the history of this region.

Top: Trekking up the Tejon Grade along the new Ridge Route in 1914 in a 1910 Ford and a 1911 Maxwell Touring Car. Below: American Steam Carriage of 1900 as driver follows ruts of those who went before him.

Artist’s rendering of 1908 Maxwell Touring Car being pulled by horses through mud and water.

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