The Mystery of the Disappearing Pond Part 3 — Major revelations found in lost 1927 Frazier Mountain Park lawsuit

  • [Image from 1927 Kern County Superior Court legal filing]

    [Image from 1927 Kern County Superior Court legal filing]

By Patric Hedlund, TME

A long-lost 1927 document found in the storage files of the Frazier Park Public Utility District has never been seen by even the historian of the Ridge Route Communities Museum before now. The 90-page legal filing was submitted to the Superior Court of the State of California in an epic battle over water rights between two development titans in the early history of this region.

It is either a treasure map or a sophisticated defense strategy. If it is truthful—which the judge decreed it to be 92 years ago—it may puncture the conspiracy theories flying around in 2019 about the drying of the Frazier Mountain Park pond.

Glamorous Lebec Hotel

In the Roaring Twenties of the early 20th century, Thomas O’Brien was the owner of the glamorous Lebec Hotel. Dizzy Gillespie and the most wildly popular of the Big Band Era players of Hollywood produced radio shows right from the stage of the Lebec…(please see below to view full stories and photographs)

Photo captions:

The judges determined that Pine Canyon “percolating water” from the mountain fed the cienegas that fed the lakes—28 feet higher than the creek bed. There are also natural stone outcroppings that separate the meadow water from the creek water flow.

There are 90 pages in this 1927 document, and our reporters are still reviewing some sections. If we find more nuggets of use to our town’s current questioning…we’ll be baaaack….with more summaries.

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