They were on a break!

  • [Photo by Paula Regan]

    [Photo by Paula Regan]

By Gary Meyer, TME

The theme of this year’s Summer Recital by In The Wings Studio of Dance was “We Were On A Break,” aptly titled as ITW had been…(please see below to view full stories and photographs)

Photo captions:

Benched for two years due to covid-19, the In The Wings’ summer recital dance troupe rocked ‘em on June 18 with ‘We Were On A Break!’

Andrea Acevedo, Allison Adams, Crystal Adams, Scotty Adams, Elizabeth Arthur, Serenity Bailey, Vlada Belyayeva, Katelyn Bernards, Olivia Carlson, Makayla Caverhill, Carlin Collins, Dana Dever, Quinn Dever, Clara DeYoung, Nayrobi Dubon, Scarlett Evans, Bonnie Farringer, Violet Garcia, Emilia Glaze, Lillian Glaze, Tatum Hall, Montana Hawley, Mia Hirst, Naura Jenks, Riley Jones, Annie Johnson, David Kimbrough Jr., Zaria Kimbrough, Cadence Long, Grace Lopez, Makayla Lowe, Gwen Martin, Sarah Masuhara, Natalie Mattern, Audrey Mauceri, Annabel McIntyre, Patience McIntyre, Aine McSweeney, Saoirse McSweeney, Ariana Mendiola, Ashlynn Merchant, Lucy Mielke, Evelynn Miller, Emery Palmer, Hailey Renfeldt, Charlee Ryan, Jane Ryan, Lily Santillan, Savannah Speer, Cheyenne Stuart, Scarlett Templeton, Cindy Terrell, Emma Tucker, Ashley Turner, Scarlett Wastaferro, Victoria Wastaferro, Morgan Young, Nicholas Young

Hmm…Is it true that four out of every six dancers learn more about their community by reading their local newspaper? Left-right: DJ Kimbrough, Clara Deyoung, Zaria Kimbrough, Charlee Ryan, Crystal Adams and Cindy Terrell. In The Wings staff members performed The Rembrandts’ ‘I’ll Be There For You’.

These little jailbirds performed Miley Cyrus’ ‘Prisoner’

Annabel McIntyre, Makayla Caverhill, Scotty Adams, Scarlett Wastaferro and Makayla Lowe

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