Breaking News: House Burns in Digier Canyon

FRAZIER PARK, CALIFORNIA (Friday, Feb. 9, 2013 at 7:31 a.m.)–Report from Kern County Fire Department: A call was received for a structure fire on Digier Rd. this afternoon around 1PM. Upon arrival crews found a …

More gun threats by James DeGough

More gun threats by James DeGough

By Gary Meyer

Kern County Sheriff’s deputies were again called to the house of James DeGough of Frazier Park on Saturday, Jan. 26 to investigate threats he allegedly made against local businessman Mike Ruff, whose …

Snowman gallery

Snowman gallery

With less shoveling to do in this brief break between winter snowstorms, families are sending photos of their ‘snow art’ from last month.

Send us yours (to We love to see them. Then, when …

Breaking News: Jeep Flips at Mil Potrero Y

UPDATE PINE MOUNTAIN, CA (5:45 P.M. Friday, Feb. 8, 2013)—Eileen Brunelli is out of the hospital with bruises. The cats are being cared for. See the next issue of The Mountain Enterprise for the …

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Beware: freezing pipes are a hazard of local winters

By Cam Acosta, Mil Potrero Water Company with P. Hedlund

The Arctic freezing snap that gripped the Mountain Communities in January caused pipes to freeze throughout the region. The Frazier Park Public Utilities District ...

PMC may get cell service

By Patric Hedlund

G&S Holdings, a tower construction company, is studying feasibility and seeking permits for a cell tower on Linden Way in the Pine Mountain community, adjacent to the emergency communications tower for Kern ...

Earthquake Preparedness Tips

What to do before an earthquake strikes

  • Check for hazards in your home, condo, apartment or place of work.
  • Identify safe places inside and outdoors.
  • Educate yourself, your family and your co-workers.
  • ...

Girls Soccer Continues Winning Streak

By Coach Sharon Lemburg

The girls soccer team continued their winning streak with two more wins this week. They defeated California City 3-1 and beat the Kern Valley Broncs 2-1.

The girls have been ...

Frazier Mountain High School Cares

By Sara Haflich, FMHS principal

Falcon Pride continues to gain momentum.

The holiday season brought out the most in our wonderful FMHS students. Frazier Mountain High School’s Associated Student Body (ASB) developed an “FMHS Cares” ...