For the Record

El Tejon Unified School District Superintendent Katie Kleier said in a phone call Monday, Jan. 24, in reference to District Plans Outreach To Homeschoolers [Jan. 21, 2010] that all five trustees voted 5-0 for a board representative to be present on the committee to reach out to learn from homeschool families. John Fleming and Anita Anderson both said they wish to participate on the outreach committee being organized by El Tejon teacher Paula Harvey.

Kleier said there was a 3-2 vote about having a member of the board of trustees on a special committee to update district policies, sometimes also known as “board policies.”

According to community reporters at the meeting, Trustees Paula Regan and Cathy Wallace indicated it is inconvenient for district staff on the committee to meet “outside of business hours” to accommodate the volunteer trustees’ schedule.

Fleming, Anderson and Hurst voted to maintain a board member’s presence on the board policies committee, passing the proposal 3-2. Hurst is reported to have said that he will try to arrange his work schedule to be available to attend at a time that is convenient for ETUSD staff members.

This is part of the January 28, 2011 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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