IKEA Crew Steps Up to Help FMHS

Coach Steve Aguilar and team unload IKEA donations to high school weight room Friday, Jan. 21.

IKEA Social and Environmental Team Leader Suhey Alvarez “went above and beyond,” to help finish up the Frazier Mountain High School weight room project started by Lebec’s Larry Skiba last fall.

In an interview at the IKEA warehouse, Alvarez explained that she took Skiba’s request for a lockable cabinet to her management committee. The 1.8 million sq. ft. warehouse employs about 260 people, some from the Mountain Communities. She gained approval from the committee to help the high school, then “went online to see what might be nice for them.” She picked out two lockable metal cabinets for sound system equipment, and two bookshelves for magazines and books on health and weight training. Larry Brown of Frazier Park helped Skiba put the furniture together Friday, Jan. 21.

This is part of the January 28, 2011 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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