Road Grump Saga Enters New Chapter

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In late August 2011 Kern County applied a chip seal treatment to the surface of Frazier Mountain Park Road (the western portion becomes Cuddy Valley Road). An epidemic of broken and cracked windshields were reported by over a hundred area residents.

Kern County General Liability Adjustor Tom Newell first told those who filed claims that they were denied, and that their only option was to sue the county.

The ranks of mountain resident “Road Grumps” kept swelling, writing letters to the editor. Then Mike Jensen contacted the county counsel’s office to alert them that rumblings about a class action lawsuit echoing very similar events of 1984 were beginning. When the county stopped stonewalling, Mike Jensen’s windshields were fixed this month. Now other reports are coming in.—Editor

By Susan Dunlap

I am pleased to say, with a heart full of gratitude that I have my new windshield. The auto glass company contracted through the county made a trip up to the area and replaced a few windshields on Monday, Feb. 20. Mine was one of them.

Mr. Don Kelley and his wife Kim got their windshields replaced. Don said it took over three months to get their claims approved. Mine only took two weeks to get approval.

Mike Jensen, the determined Piñon Pines resident, came by when my windshield was being replaced. He too was happy to know that the county was stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility.

Alan Burton from Auto Glass of Bakersfield said they have a lot more vouchers for windshields to replace in our area.

Dunlap owns Grapevine Real Estate on Lockwood Valley Road in Lake of the Woods. She says others who wish to meet the glass company at her parking area are welcome to do so.

This is part of the February 24, 2012 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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