Breaking News: SWAT Team Ends Stand-off in Lebec

SWAT Team Ends Stand-off in Lebec

FRAZIER PARK; January 11, 5:50 p.m. — A Kern County Sheriff’s SWAT team ended a stand-off this afternoon in the Lebec neighborhood of O’Neil Canyon.

Kern County Sheriffs Department received a report of a single …

New Year Begins with Rain, Wind, Snow… And Beauty

New Year Begins with Rain, Wind, Snow... And Beauty

The winds were raging Friday when many of us were returning from holiday travel. On Sunday the clouds swallowed up the mountains again, reducing visibility to flat white slates of cold sky. Midday on Monday, …

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Listen Up: New Traffic Laws for 2008

Handheld Cell Phones Illegal for Drivers; Under 18 Drivers May Not Use Cell Phones At All

SACRAMENTO-Over 167 new laws regarding traffic safety are going into effect in the New Year. The most anticipated law ...

Every Second Counted on Eve of 2008

"Thank goodness we get to say: ‘What fire?’" a Lebec reader writes about her New Year’s Eve adventure. Here is her story.

By Karen Coleman

I don’t like to go out on New Year’s Eve ...

Divas Plan Good Health and Friendship for 2008

And then there’s the walkin’ ladies of Pine Mountain, who brought in the New Year with a solid toast for a healthy 2008, with lots of friendly support.

By Karen Becker

On December 31, 2007, ...