SWAT Team Responds To Gunshot In Lebec

SWAT Team Responds To Gunshot In Lebec

By Gary Meyer

A gunshot in Lebec prompted a SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team to swarm a tiny neighborhood in O’Neil Canyon, Friday, Jan. 11.

The Kern County Sheriff’s Department responded to a domestic …

Heroic Local Youths Foil Assault

By Jerry Quick

My daughter came home from a trip to the Starbucks at Laval Road with a wild story Sunday, Jan. 13.

Clarissa Quick, 17 (captain of the Frazier Mountain High School varsity girls …

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Armed Robbery Attempt Hits Lake of the Woods

On Tuesday, Jan. 15 at about 4 p.m. Kern County Sheriff’s deputies from the Frazier Park substation were called to Lake of the Woods on a report of a residential robbery by two suspects armed ...

Truth Does Not Die: A Life of Service

The Reverend Martin Luther King’s philosophy of nonviolent direct action and his strategies for rational, constructive social change galvanized the conscience of America during the struggle for civil rights and for the right to vote ...

Firebreak Brush to Be Burned By USFS

By Ryan Bridgen, United States Forest Service

The USFS Los Padres district is planning a series of burning projects over the next several months to eliminate piled brush.

The brush was cut and piled while ...

Students May Win $300 For Two Page Essay

The Mountain Enterprise to Triple Award for Local Winners

The 2007-2008 Kern County Grand Jury is sponsoring an essay contest. The topic is how the civil functions of the Grand Jury contribute to "Transparency in ...


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