NEWS UPDATE: Results of Pine Mountain Club Board of Directors Election Are In

(PINE MOUNTAIN, June 20, 2009, 5 p.m.)—Ballots were counted at the 2009 Annual Meeting for the members of the Pine Mountian Club Property Owners Association on Saturday, June 20. Outgoing directors David Koskenmaki, Mar Preston, Ron Quintana and Randy Coleman were thanked for their service. The vote count for the new PMCPOA Directors was:
Three Year Term:
√ Scott Robinson 431
√ Dick Welles 423
√ Mary Hansen 270
Carol Trudeau 260
Roland Reuter 258
Jack Throckmorton 249

One Year Term
√ John Dilibert 401
Tona Bowen 235

The inspector of elections said the eligible number of votes this year was 2,840. Last year it was 2,946. In 2009, 107 members have have been disqualiied from voting (typically for unpaid assessments). In 2008 the number of disqualified votes was 95, according to Election Committee chair Connie Baldin. A quorum was just barely attained in 2008, when 754 memberships cast a ballot, which is 25.59 percent. A quorum is 25 percent.

For comparison, Baldin sent an email that included these vote tallies for the 2008 election, reflecting the balance of the current board:
Three Year Term:
600 William Gurtner
557 Frank Sanchez
525 Carolyn Davenport
341 William Lucking 
Two Year Term
647 Mike De Angelis (ran unopposed for the two year term).
Congratulations to all who participated.

 Jerry Fossler, an elected PMCPOA Director, was offere the job as interim manager and then as the general manager of tha ssociation, leaving his of seat open. Randy Coleman was appointed to his seat for the balance of the year. John Dillibert has now been elected to serve the remaining year of that term.)

This is part of the June 19, 2009 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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