Call for Help

To our readers:
Today we received this note asking if any of our readers may be able to help her track down a big rig that hit her car during the recent storms:

I left Pasadena,CA Monday, Oct. 4 in the afternoon, driving back to Minden, NV in my sister’s Chevy Suburban (license plate HIKEHI) when the hail storm hit in or near Gorman on highway 5. I was rear-ended by a semi truck. I was in the fast lane, slowed down with the sheet of ice and hail on the road.

I fishtailed slightly and corrected and saw a semi coming 3 lanes behind, heading toward me. I kept my eyes on the road ahead to prevent any further hits or accidents and therefore did not get his license, color or description. If there were any witnesses to this accident, please contact me, Faye Hull at 972-832-8620 or Jeanne Curtis at 775-721-0492, or contact CHP regarding NCIC #9430.

Faye Hull, 972-832-8620, resident of Plano, Texas visiting California and Nevada. Thank you Mountain Enterprise for reporting the storm and accidents in your paper.

This is part of the October 01, 2010 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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