Egg Recall List Caused Local Confusion

Bistro Did Not Have Recalled Eggs

FRAZIER PARK, Calif. (Tuesday, Aug. 31, 5:20 p.m.)–An egg recall list distributed by Kern County Public Health Services Department may have been misunderstood by some Mountain Communities residents. It was misinterpreted by Bakersfield TV stations and by FaceBook posters who spread a rumor that a local restaurant had contaminated eggs.

The recall list, which appears on the county’s health department website displays Kern County business names taken from the State of California’s health department website.

Recalled eggs are considered at-risk for salmonella contamination.

“The list only means that the business may have received recalled eggs, not that they did receive them,” said Director of Kern County Public Health Matt Constantine on Tuesday, Aug. 31.

Two local businesses were on the list, Bistro on the Greens in Pine Mountain and Crazy Duck in Frazier Park.

“Our inspectors visited all of the businesses on the list and we did not find any recalled eggs at any of the businesses,” Constantine said.

Pine Mountain Club Property Owners Association General Manager Rory Woerster said without hesitation, “The Bistro never received any of the suspect eggs from our suppliers. This was further verified by an on-site inspection from the health department.”

Diane Peterson, Manager of The Crazy Duck in Frazier Park, said her food supplier has been checking her inventory three times a week and has found no recalled eggs. “The county health inspectors came last Friday and found no recalled eggs,” Peterson said.

Eric Edwards of Los Angeles County Public Health Environmental Health Division called all businesses that sell or serve eggs in Gorman and at the Flying J in Lebec. He said all businesses reported that they did not have any of the recalled eggs.

Tips for avoiding problems from contaminated eggs can be found at

This is part of the August 27, 2010 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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