Post fire News: Post Fire-Day Three Aftermath

LEBEC (Thursday, August 26, 2010, 12:25 p.m.)—Chuck Noble of Los Padres Estates in Lebec evacuated on Tuesday as the Post fire crested on the hill above his home with 150-foot flames.

Quick and aggressive response from the Kern County Fire Department and an interagency incident command team brought in air and ground resources rapidly. The work of large tankers such as the DC-10 and extensive helicopter support made it possible for firefighting crews to stand their ground to save homes. Not one home was lost, even as 1,000 aces burned. By 9 p.m. Tuesday night Chuck Noble and his wife Joyce were able to go back home to check on the fruit trees and his classic car in the garage. When they woke on Wednesday, they learned that Post fire containment was at 30 percent. By that evening it was up to 60 percent. Noble counted over 20 helicopters flying overhead within an hour’s time on Wednesday.

On Thursday, as the wind picks up, conditions are smokey. "I see a fair amount of smoke to the northwest, and the air support is on it big time this morning," Noble said.

Some of his photos from Post fire, Day Two and Day Three, are posted in the slideshow above.

This is part of the August 27, 2010 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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