Watch the Video: Two ETUSD Trustees React to Air Quality Study

ETUSD Trustee Stephan Kiouses rejects an entire air quality study by TriCounty Watchdogs and Global Community Monitor, calling it "garbage science."

ETUSD Trustee John Fleming: "Maybe you should be talking to Caltrans about moving the freeway..."Stephan Kiouses: "I own properties around this particular I want this study published that says our air quality is bad, based upon eight samples... fifty one samples...?

Watch the video of ETUSD Trustees Steve Kiouses and John Fleming crticizing the air quality study presented by TriCounty Watchdogs and Global Community Monitor, during the July 18, 2012 special meeting of the school board. See the Op-Ed by TriCounty Watchdogs’ Linda MacKay about the encounter, the summary of results and the background to the study about air quality along the Interstate-5 corridor of Lebec.

This is part of the July 20, 2012 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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