Planners to Mountain: ‘Be a Player’

Planners to Mountain: 'Be a Player'

Bike Trails and Walkable Retail Area in Frazier Within Reach Kern COG Says

By Patric Hedlund

The staff of the Kern Council of Governments (Kern COG) rolled back into town on August 21 with a …

Ice Cream, Pine Sol and Bears, Oh My!

Ice Cream, Pine Sol and Bears, Oh My!

By Katy Penland Part 1

Rudy strolled into the kitchen where Grandma was using an electric mixer at the counter, opened the freezer, removed a carton of chocolate chip ice cream and sat down on …

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What’s With All That Digging?

Why are the streets around Frazier Park under construction? What is planned to beautify downtown? What is the future of the Cuddy Creek restoration?

Attend the meeting at Cuddy Hall Thursday, Aug. 28, 7 p.m.


300 Gather to Honor Toni Fuess

By Pam Sturdevant

“If hope was a garden mom could have fed the world,” Joe Fuess said, speaking to 300 guests who attended the memorial services held at Our Lady of the Snows Church on ...

Jupiter’s Moons Guide Night Hikers

Joel Robinson is offering a fine gift to the people of these mountains: the chance to learn about the plants and animals that surround us from a humorous, enthusiastic naturalist who believes that ...

Candidates for Local Elections Named

Reported by Janet Hudson

The deadline for filing to serve on local boards closed on August 8. Candidate forums will be organized for upcoming issues of The Mountain Enterprise. The names of these Mountain Community ...