The New Mountain Pioneer

You may have noticed an addition to our title.

The New Mountain Pioneer is announcing what many on the mountain have known and enjoyed for quite some time. The New Mountain Pioneer is a magazine of the culture, politics, history, fun and future of the Mountain Communities as we enter new times. This magazine celebrates the charms, attractions and challenges that face this unique place we’ve all come to love.

Many years in the past, there was a strong “us n’ them, The Hatfields vs. The McCoys” quality to the communities here, and their publications reflected that. But as Frazier Park, Lake of the Woods and Lebec have grown, the arts, culture and festivals of the region have become more inclusive. Meanwhile, as Pine Mountain has expanded, so has the amount of news it generates. A monthly is no longer sufficient. And so The Mountain Enterprise covers news, and The New Mountain Pioneer covers in-depth journeys through the life of these mountains. As a region, we have become the Mountain Communities, a place where people work, play and create together.

The New Mountain Pioneer is still sent to thousands of Pine Mountain community homeowners each month, and is distributed mountain-wide in machines along with The Mountain Enterprise. It offers a month-long exposure value for advertisers with fresh, vital content for readers. Have a look today!

The Arts, Culture, History, Fun, Politics and Future of the Mountain Communities

This is part of the July 02, 2010 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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