Breaking News: Tejon May Let Lake Go Dry

By Patric Hedlund

Tejon Ranch personnel told a state agency July 15 that they do “not intend to artificially maintain the [Castac / Tejon] lake level,” according to a letter from the California Regional Water …

Bear Shot After Mauling Dog, Charging at People

Bear Shot After Mauling Dog, Charging at People

By Patric Hedlund

It was a dark night Monday, Aug. 17. Only a thin crescent moon lit these mountain neighborhoods where bears have been roaming for weeks, seeking food sources near homes.

Matt Manville, 38 …

$3.1 Million In Stimulus Funds to Frazier Park?

On Tuesday, Aug. 25, Frazier Park residents will meet to learn about federal stimulus money set aside to upgrade the town’s water system.

By Joyce St. Claire

The Frazier Park Public Utility District (FPPUD) announced …

Schools May Lose $1,200 Per Student

Schools May Lose $1,200 Per Student

By Pam Sturdevant

New acting superintendent Dr. Danny Whetton was introduced at the El Tejon Unified School District board meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 12. He will be at the district office until Superintendent Shelly Mason …

Center of the World Festival Wins Fans

Center of the World Festival Wins Fans

At right, Storyteller David Salazar (SpiritHawk) and (above) the audience participated in making music together during the Center of the World Festival’s opening ceremonies Friday night, August 14. This first year of the annual festival …

Center of the World Was Good Place To Be

Comments by Peter Kjenaas, The Mountain Shakespeare Festival

In the First Annual Center of the World Festival, the subject of peaceful conflict resolution was handled in many different ways to create a series of interesting …

Frazier Park Estates Water Woes Called ‘Major Impact’

Public Hearing Thursday, Aug. 27

The problem faced by the developers of the proposed Frazier Park Estates in finding an adequate water supply has been labelled a “significant and unavoidable” impact by the Kern County …

COMMUNITY CALENDAR: Upcoming & Ongoing

Send Mountain Community events to or call 245-3794.

Now through Saturday, September 12

  • Vendor applications available for Frazier Mountain Community Church Craft Fair on September 12. $35/table or $50 for two. Deb Rehder …

Breaking News: Fire Reported at Lebec Oaks Road

Fire Reported at Lebec Oaks Road

UPDATE (August 24, 2009-1:30 p.m.) According to Kern County Fire Department Battalion Chief John Smith, "Approximately 100 acres have burned. We’re calling it the School fire."

Asked if they had any control or containment estimate, …

News and Features

‘Huge’ Drug Stash Found in Lebec

By Patric Hedund

Hundreds of thousands of pink, blue and yellow doses of Ecstasy and methamphetamine were seized from a Dodge Caravan with British Columbia plates found abandoned in Lebec at the end of June. ...

MAC Nominees Are Named

Fourth District Kern County Supervisor Ray Watson has named members to a Mountain Communities Municipal Advisory Council (MCMAC) to serve the communities of Frazier Park, Lebec, Fort Tejon/Tejon Village, Pinon Pines, Lake of the Woods ...